Northway Dental Practice has been serving the local community of Midsomer Norton, Radstock, Peasedown St John, Paulton and the surrounding area since at least 1967.

Looking back through some old practice records we were always aware that the practice has been caring for the teeth of people in the area for a long time. Many of our patient records begin in 1967 when the practice was formed by Edward Shaw and John Redmond-Lyon. Andrew Keys-Toyer joined them later and the three dentists ran the practice for over 35 years. The three original founders have since retired and now the practice is under the direction of Gareth Davies and his team.

Many changes have occurred since that time, in terms of the d├ęcor, the treatments on offer, the comfort and modernity. We have had a few staff changes, although some of our staff have been with us for 3 decades.

Our aim is to continue to improve our service into the future by responding to the needs of our patients.

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