Monthly Archives: October 2014

New Xray Facilities at Northway Dental Practice

Here at Northway Dental Practice we have always had the facility to take x-rays to help with diagnosis and monitoring of various dental problems. However technology moves on and we have recently, to compliment and facilitate our branching out into orthodontics, commissioned a digital OPG machine.

What is an OPG machine? Well an OPG or OrthoPantomoGram is an x-ray which spins around the head and takes a picture of the jaws, the jaw joints, the sinuses in the cheeks and the teeth. It is very useful for a number of purposes, such as monitoring gum disease (it shows the bone levels around all of the teeth in one image), assessing wisdom teeth, as an alternative to x-ray films placed in the mouth, in order to see the jaw joints or nasal sinuses, and for assessment prior to and after orthodontics.

Being a digital system the x-ray dose is lower than it used to be with film based machines, and the machine is capable of taking images of part of the mouth so as to minimise dose.

We can then manipulate the images to improve the useful information contained within.

We are able to use this technology to help us to diagnose and treat our patients and as a referral service from other nearby dental practices, who might not have this technology on site.