Monthly Archives: September 2014

FastBraces® comes to Northway Dental Practice

After much research and careful deliberation Northway Dental Practice through Dr Simon Khoury and Dr Bjorn Heisler are able to begin offering orthodontic services i.e. braces for straightening the teeth. Working with FastBraces® from the USA, we are using a system that has been in development for the last 20 years. This system is new to the UK and is revolutionary. Using state of the art technology FastBraces enables us to straighten your teeth not in 20 months like traditional braces but in just 20 weeks! We do not routinely remove teeth.

We will be able to treat up to 80% of cases here at the practice and offer flexible payments to help with the costs. We are able to straighten your teeth, in most cases faster and with less cost than old-school orthodontists. This service is available for children and adults alike! Please be aware we cannot offer this service on the NHS. Some of our younger patients who qualify for NHS orthodontics will be referred to a traditional orthodontic specialist, for those who do not qualify we are happy to help with straightening their teeth here.

We achieve this by using the expert help offered by FastBraces to bring full orthodontics to you in your local dental practice. And what about retainers –  you only need to use them for 20-30 minutes per day.

Not only that but unlike any other orthodontic system out there,  we offer a lifetime guarantee on our treatment – provided you have retainers that fit you properly we will revisit your orthodontics should it ever need tweaking in the future with no further charge (except the retainers – which are necessary to keep the teeth straight afterwards!).

So if you don’t like how straight your teeth are and have always wanted them straightened – call us on 01761 413663 or email us today and ask about FastBraces®. Northway Dental Practice bringing you the latest technology and best results.