Monthly Archives: July 2014

New Computer systems

Northway Dental Practice has this year invested in new computer systems. These computer systems mean that we will no longer be using paper records for our clinical dental notes. Notes will be recorded into the computer. In this way they can be backed-up and kept safe and they are easier to read. We will still have paper record cards for the rich history they contain, but as time passes we will need this information less frequently.

What does this mean for our patients and clients? Once we have the computer systems configured correctly for each of our patients, the process of having a dental check-up and having treatment planned will be faster (it is a little bit slower the very first time we see you, as we have to set-up your records on the system). You will be able to have a printed estimate of your treatment. This also acts to provide recording of consent, so please sign these forms and leave them with us.

Other exciting features include the ability to send reminder text messages or emails.

Hopefully in the future we will be able to add digital x-rays to the system to further reduce our need to have paper record cards.

Whilst adopting a new technology when it is very new is always a potential source of problems, adopting tried and tested technology in a timely manner will keep Northway Dental Practice up to date.