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Cosmetic Dentistry 

Some of the cosmetic treatments we offer:

  • Tooth whitening to improve the colour of natural teeth
  • Cosmetic crowns and veneers which are highly realistic
  • Bridges to fill gaps, these are fixed in place
  • White fillings instead of silver/metal ones
  • Reshaping the teeth and (to some extent) gums
  • Orthodontics (straightening teeth) - Click here for more info!
  • Referral for implants (screw-in teeth) which often requires a combined approach by us and our specialist colleagues.

Some examples of how cosmetic dentistry can help are shown below.

Tooth whitening....


This patient had slightly yellowing teeth and a poorly fitting crown on the upper left front tooth.
After a short course of tooth whitening and two new crowns this patient's teeth have achieved a pleasant improvement.
A combination of tooth whitening and a bridge...
This patient's teeth were yellowing with age, they had a missing tooth at the front and they had a worn crown on the upper left front tooth.
This is the same patient who has had tooth whitening, and a bridge fitted to replace the missing tooth and the worn crown at the same time.
A case of moderate tooth wear...


In this case, the problem was tooth wear and lack of back teeth to chew with, and to provide support for the front teeth.
We have provided a denture to replace the missing back teeth and built up the front teeth. This is a more complicated case as the position of the bite needed to be changed.

It is quite normal to want your teeth to look good. Many of us are unhappy about the way our teeth look. Thankfully it is often quite straightforward to improve the appearance of the teeth.

We are happy to assess and discuss your cosmetic dental needs on a private basis (unfortunately the NHS is limited to maintaining dental health and is not able to help with cosmetic treatments).

It is essential with any cosmetic treatment to:

  • ensure the teeth and mouth are healthy

Without this whatever changes we make won't last. Healthy gums and good oral hygiene are the foundation on which cosmetic dentistry is built.

  • find out from you what you want the teeth to look like, or what bothers you about them

Often we know we want to improve our teeth but we aren't sure what we want them to look like. It is important that you take your time to decide in what ways you would like to improve the teeth. Think about things like the the colour, the shape, the position, the size of the teeth.

  • discuss the various ways we can go about the improvements and in some cases discuss any compromises
  • discuss the costs and agree how and when payments will be made
  • discuss the timescale, whilst some treatments are fast, some are more time-consuming, if you have something coming up try to give us plenty of time to complete any treatments

Along the way we will document what we are doing by taking notes, x-rays and photographs, using high end digital SLR cameras. The treatments themselves will often be a lot simpler and more manageable than you might expect.

These are only a few examples of how relatively straightforward dentistry can make a big difference to the way teeth look (and function).

If you are interested in finding out more about improving the way your teeth look and function then please contact us, we guarantee a sympathetic, caring and professional approach.


















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